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In a KASTO Sawing Center, computer-controlled operating cranes feed a single bar, fully automatic, to an integrated CNC-saw and automatically restore the remnants. A storage computer keeps inventory up-to-date. KASTO offers this flexible manufacturing system for the sawing department complete with storage system, saw, control and service as a one-source supplier!

Result: Highest reliability and minimum idle times due to perfectly fine-tuned individual components. And such a sawing center accomplishes as much as 3 to 7 individual saws!

  • Bar weight up to 2,5 t (5,500 lbs.) each

  • Diameter of bars: 20-400 mm (0.79“-15.7“)

  • Fully automatic handling of bars with 0,45-12 m (1.5‘-39.4‘) length

  • Integrated KASTO Band or Circular Saws, optional with carbide blades

  • Short chip-to-chip time for bar change approx. 30 sec