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Tower Storage Systems


KASTOecostore bar stock

Storage room economically used.
This standardized storage system is suited for all applications where a high variety of materials like bar stock need to be stored. A high storage density on smallest area is achieved by height-optimized compartment division. This leads to more order, cleanliness and safety.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Economic automatic storage system for long material in single-sided and double-sided version

  • Plug-in modular pallet supports

  • Loading and unloading always at an ideal height

  • Easy operating by means of selection of storage place and approval key at dead man’s operation

  • Saving of time due to direct access without additional lifting devices

  • Small space requirements by consequent height utilization

  • Machine-oriented installation is possible

  • Low expenditure for installation

  • Three different loading heights are selectable

  • Gap control as pallet seat control while the operating gantry crane is moving

  • Construction complying with earthquake standards



The UNITOWER is suitable to store bars or extrusions as well as sheet metal, plates, Euro pallets or boxes loaded with all different kinds of materials. It can be tailored to customer-specific applications or used as an island solution. Applications for the UNITOWER range from buffer storage systems in manufacturing to small to mid size storage solutions in distribution and warehousing. The UNITOWER optimizes material flow in job shops as well as for window manufacturers or similar industries

  • virtually maintenance-free precision roller chains

  • lower maintenance costs

  • The rack supported building design of the UNITOWER also saves space and taxes